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Temporary Accommodation in Transit Centre

The Housing Department provides temporary accommodation to all those rendered homeless as a consequence of disasters, emergencies or government clearance operations in Po Tin Transit Centre, Tuen Mun and Lung Tin Transit Centre, Tai O. Bedspaces are allocated to those admitted as appropriate.

Temporary accommodation is provided for a temporary stay of three months only.  Those admitted to temporary accommodation are required to observe the general regulations.  Occupants should notify us in advance if they need to leave Hong Kong during the temporary stay.  There is no accommodation charge for the first three months of temporary stay. It is the responsibility of all occupants upon admission to seek alternative accommodation and move out as soon as possible.  During the occupants' temporary stay, we will examine the subsequent rehousing eligibility of families who encounter difficulties in seeking alternative accommodation.  If their status of homelessness is verified and other eligibility criteria are satisfied, the occupants may apply for interim housing in the New Territories.

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