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Shops & Stalls
The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) owns a vast portfolio of shopping centres providing enormous business opportunities. Any adult or body corporate may lease commercial premises through the following methods. Leases are normally granted for a fixed term of three years.
Methods of Letting

1. By Tender

Most of our commercial premises are let by tender:
  (a) Open Rental Tender - for ordinary shops and shopstalls. Tender notices will be published in the HA/HD website and local newspaper every Friday.
  (b) Open Instant Tender - tenders for commercial premises are invited with predetermined upset rent and trade. The tenancy will be granted to the highest bidder.
  (c) Premium Tender - on behalf of sitting commercial tenants of premises attached with reletting right

Restricted Instant Tender - for eligible persons affected by comprehensive redevelopment programme

 You may call 2607 8866 or 2711 5138 for details on open tenders.

2. By Direct Allocation

Certain premises are directly allocated on application and may be used as:
  (a) Government offices
  (b) Storerooms

Office accommodation for members of the Executive and Legislative Councils and District Councils

3. By Restricted Tender

Selected commercial premises are offered for lease by inviting clients included in the Client List of HA to tender subject to compliance with the basic criteria as follows:
*(a) where the amount of space to be leased exceeds 250 square metres or (for non-factory premises) where the type of trade can attract more customers to the shopping centre, or can provide a desirable facility for residents; or
*(b) where the vacant premises concerned have failed to attract suitable bidders in at least one open tender exercise; or
*(c) where an attraction is offered by the brand name under which the premises are to be operated, or by the tenant's ability to develop his / her business through substantial promotional activities, which will enhance the trading potential of the shopping centre; or
*(d) where a sitting tenant has demonstrated his / her capability for expansion of his / her business.
#(e) where an individual or company has demonstrated adequate financial resources and management capability in non-retail sectors to demonstrate capability for successful management of a retail outlet.
*Note 1: Regarding the existing conditions of the prospective tenant, in addition to compliance with one or more of the above criteria, the standard of fitting-out and shop display of the existing outlets must be of high standard, and suitable as an anchor tenant in a shopping centre.
#Note 2: Applicant would normally be expected to show:  
  • a minimum of five years' successful operation of a business;
  • employment of not less than ten staff;
  • personal involvement in a managerial capacity;
  • financial resources adequate to sustain a retail operation of the size proposed, i.e. to cover payment of deposit, fitting out and decoration costs, and overheads including rent for six months.
Clients who are interested in leasing shop premises by restricted tender are advised to apply in advance for inclusion in the Client List of HA.
For determination of the client's eligibility for letting by restricted tender, the client is required to submit the following initial document for vetting:

  1. Application Letter with Introduction of the Company, Development Plan, Promotion Programme & Annual Promotion Budget
  2. Minutes of Meeting of Directors - Letter of Authorisation for Leasing with Hong Kong Housing Authority
  3. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  4. Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Business Registration Certificates (for office, workshop and all outlets)
  6. Certified True Copy of Annual Return of Directors to Companies Registrar
  7. List of outlets with area & photographs
  8. Bank Reference for showing financial capability of the company to sustain a retail operation of the proposed trade
  9. Profit & Loss Accounts
  10. Recent six months current accounts statements
Time frame for vetting the application for inclusion into the Housing Authority's client list is as follows:
  1) We will provide an interim reply within 10 days of receipt of the application.
  2) We will provide a substantive reply within 21 days of receipt of the application.  If we cannot provide a susbstantive reply within 21 days, we will keep you informed of the progress on or before the substantive reply due date and on a monthly basis.
For enquiry, please contact our office by phone or in person.  Contact details are as follows:
  Commercial Properties Management Unit
Estate Management Division
Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre
Wing A, Level 3
3 Wang Tau Hom South Road
Hong Kong
  Tel: 2711 5138

Sitting commercial tenants may also negotiate for new tenancies for business expansion. They are welcome to approach respective housing estate or shopping centre office for details.

Persons who are interested to lease single operator markets are advised to apply for registration in the Client List. Please click the link below for the eligibility criteria concerned –
Eligibility Criteria of the Client List for Single Operator Market (PDF Format)

Information is for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.

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