Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Housing Authority

Housing Authority
Housing Authority

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) is a statutory body established in April 1973 under the Housing Ordinance.

The HA develops and implements a public housing programme which seeks to achieve the Government's policy objective of meeting the housing needs of low-income families that cannot afford private accommodation.

The HA plans, builds, manages and maintains different types of public housing, including rental housing, interim housing and transit centres. In addition, the HA owns and operates a number of flatted factories and ancillary commercial and other non-domestic facilities. As announced by the Chief Executive in his 2011-12 Policy Address, the HA has been tasked to implement the New Home Ownership Scheme.

The Secretary for Housing assumes the office of Chairman of the HA, while the Director of Housing assumes that of Vice-Chairman. The Housing Department serves as the HA's executive arm.

Aside from Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the HA has two official members and 20 non-official members. Appointments are made by the Chief Executive. Non-official members are appointed ad personam.

  • HA and its Committees - Six standing committees have been formed under the HA to formulate, administer and oversee policies in specific areas. Sub-committees and ad hoc committees are also formed on a need basis.
  • HA Meetings - You can find the date and time of the meetings of the HA and its committees here. HA open meetings are open to the public while committee meetings are restricted.
  • HA Paper Library - Categorised by different committees, this is an useful archive of meeting agendas, minutes, reports, papers and summaries of decisions.