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Chinese New Year Citrus Plants Replanting Scheme

Chinese New Year Citrus Plants Replanting Scheme
Chinese New Year Citrus Plants Replanting Scheme

People like to decorate their homes with festive citrus plants during the Chinese New Year.  For one thing, tangerines (pronounced like “gold” plus “luck” in Cantonese) are meant to bring wealth and good fortune.  Many of this potted citrus, however, are thrown away not long after.  To promote reduction of domestic waste among public rental housing (PRH) tenants, the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) launched a pilot scheme in 2013 to collect and replant citrus plants discarded after the festive season.  The pilot scheme was well received with remarkable success, with over 30 participating estates collecting more than 1 000 potted citrus plants, out of which over 700 were regrown.

In view of this, HA has extended the full scheme to all PRH estates in Hong Kong since 2014 to further pursue its commitment to waste reduction.  In 2017, a total of over 170 estates participated in the initiative, assembling an impressive collection of more than 7 000 citrus plants.

In recognition of their contribution to reducing waste, HA holds a territory-wide estate citrus replanting competition every year.  Winning estates are awarded a certificate of appreciation as a testament to their achievements.  In order to ensure that the participating estates possess the necessary skills and techniques in the regrowth of citrus plants, the Horticulture Unit will organise a series of talks during the year to share their experience.


Citrus Replanting Competition 2018 Highlights

Appreciation Certificate Presentation

Grand Citrus Award – for the biggest tangerine fruit in a single pot