Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

List of Published Information

List of Published Information
List of Information either published or otherwise made available, whether free or on payment
Publication No. Name of Publication
01 Housing in Figures (C, E) (on-line version)
02 Fifty Years of Public Housing in Hong Kong : A Golden Jubilee Review and Appraisal (C, E)(Book)
03 Leaflet on Rational Allocation of Public Housing Resources (C)
04 Rights and Responsibilities of Hong Kong Housing Authority's Client Groups (C, E) (on-line version)
05 Report on Population and Households in Housing Authority Public Rental Housing (C, E) (on-line version)
06 Express Flat Allocation Scheme (C, E) (on-line version)
07 Living Space Improvement Transfer Scheme (C, E) (on-line version)
08 Brief Notes on Policy on Household Splitting (C, E)
09 From Shelter to Home : 45 Years of Public Housing Development in Hong Kong (B)(Book)
10 Elderly Ex-gratia Scheme for Property Owner-occupiers (B)
11 Premium Payment Procedures for Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Pilot Scheme (GSH) Flats (C, E)
12 Premium Payment Procedures for Home Ownership Scheme Flats (C, E)
13 Premium Payment Procedures for Tenants Purchase Scheme Flats (C, E)
14 Home Ownership Scheme, Private Sector Participation Scheme and Tenants Purchase Scheme : Guidance Notes on Application for Refinancing (C, E)
15 Policy Brief on Conditional Tenancy Scheme (C, E)
16 Guidelines on Inspection and Maintenance of Drainage Pipes and Sanitary Fitments inside Residential Units (B)
17 Number of Applications and Average Waiting Time for Public Rental Housing (C, E) (on-line version)
18 Application Guide For Public Rental Housing (C,E) (on-line version)
19 Application Guide - HOS Secondary Market Scheme (C,E)
20 Notes on the Policy on Housing Arrangements for Divorced Couples in Public Rental Housing (PRH) Flats (C, E)
21 From Lower to Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate (B) (on-line version)
22 Information Notes on Rehousing of Occupants of Illegal Rooftop Structures on Domestic Buildings affected by Buildings Department's Demolition Action (C, E)
23 Self Selection Scheme (C)
24 Structural Safety Guarantee (C, E)
25 Emergency Alarm System Grant (C, E)
26 Multiple Rent Payment Methods (B)
27 Spalling Concrete Repair (C)
28 Enhancement of Housing Schemes for Fostering Harmonious Families in Public Housing (C)
29 Hong Kong Housing Authority Sustainability Report / Environmental Report (C, E) (on-line version)
30 Exemption, Deferred Payment or Refund of Rental Deposit (C, E) (on-line version)
31 Housing Authority Budgets (C, E) (on-line version)
32 Statistics on Private Housing Supply in the Primary Market (C, E) (on-line version)
33 Survey on Household Income of Public Rental Housing Tenants (B)
34 The Housing Authority’s Public Housing Production Forecast (C, E) (on-line version)
35 Actual Public Housing Production (on-line version) 
36 Report on Housing Authority Project Completion (C, E) (on-line version)
37 Standing Orders of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (C, E) (on-line version)
38 Terms of Reference for the Hong Kong Housing Authority and its Committees (C, E) (on-line version)
39 Registration of Interests of Members of the Housing Authority and its Committees (B) (on-line version)
40 Attendance Record of Members of the Housing Authority and its Committees (B) (on-line version)
41 House Rules for Regulating Admittance and Conduct of Persons Attending Housing Authority Open Meetings in the Public Gallery of the Housing Authority (C, E) (on-line version)
42 Housing Authority Annual Report (C, E) (on-line version)
43 Housing Dimensions - The Housing Authority / Housing Department Newsletter (C, E) (on-line version)
44 Housing Authority Corporate Plan (C, E) (on-line version)
45 Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates (C, E)
46 Services and Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (C, E) (on-line version)
47 Cherish Public Housing Resources (B)
48 Rent Assistance Scheme (B)
49 Housing Fixed Penalty Ticket System (C)
50 Brief Notes on Policy on Addition/Conditional Temporary Stay/Amalgamation of Tenancies (C, E)
51 Total Maintenance Scheme (C, E) (on-line version)
52 Rational Allocation of Public Housing Resources (C, E) (on-line version)
53 Guidelines for Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators (B) (on-line version)
54 Estate Fire Safety - What You Should Know (B) (on-line-version)

All the listed items are available for inspection at the Housing Authority Library on Level 5, Block 4 of Hong Kong Housing Authority Headquarters. Information leaflets or booklets are available free while stock lasts. Photocopying charges may be levied if copies need to be made.

(C, E, B) The code (Chinese, English, Bilingual) in brackets denotes the language of the records available.