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Hung Fuk Estate, Yuen Long, New Territories West
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Type of Estate: Public Rental Housing
Year of Intake: 2015
Type(s) of Block(s): Non-standard
No. of Blocks: 9
Name of Block(s): Hung Foon House
Hung Yan House
Hung Hei House
Hung Lok House
Hung Long House
Hung Yat House
Hung Yuet House
Hung Cheong House
Hung Shing House
No. of Rental Flats#: 4 900 As at 30.6.2018
Flat Size (m2): 14.05-37.86
No. of Households#: 4 900 As at 30.6.2018
Authorised Population#: 12 100 As at 30.6.2018
Estate Management Advisory Committee (EMAC): Not Yet Formed
District Tenancy Management Office/Estate Office: Yuen Long District Tenancy Management Office (1)
G/F, Chuen Shui House, Shui Pin Wai Estate, Yuen Long
Telephone: 2442 2461
Fax: 2477 3284
Property Management: Shui On Properties Management Limited
G/F, Hung Foon House, Hung Fuk Estate, Yuen Long
Telephone: 2285 9755
Fax: 2285 3284
Carpark Management: Creative Property Services Consultants Limited
G/F, Ancillary Facilities Block, Hung Fuk Estate
Telephone: 2259 3364
Fax: 2487 7356
Estate Website: -
Further Information: -
#Rounded to the nearest hundred
Access Co-ordinator and Access Officer Scheme
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