Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Full Rent Exemption Scheme for Elderly Households

Full Rent Exemption Scheme for Elderly Households

The Hong Kong Housing Authority has launched the Full Rent Exemption Scheme for Elderly Households.  It provides a rent-free option for eligible elderly households upon transfer to a public rental housing (PRH) flat of suitable size.

The households concerned must fulfil the following general criteria:

(1) Households whose family members are all aged 70 or above;

(2) Must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • (a) Households regarded as under-occupation according to the following standards:
    No. of Household Members (No. of Persons) 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Internal Floor Area (IFA) exceeding m2 25 35 44 56 62 71
  • (b) Residing in Housing for Senior Citizens of Type I Design;
  • (c) Residing in non-self-contained Converted-one-person units;

(3) The tenancy status and occupancy position are in order;

(4) The household has not breached any terms of the Tenancy Agreement; and

(5) Points allotted under the Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates have not reached 16.

The household allocated with a flat under the Express Flat Allocation Scheme will not be eligible to apply until having lived in the flat for 3 years.

Applications are open throughout the year. Quotas are limited. A maximum of three housing offers will be given to eligible applying households either in the residing estate or other estates in the same PRH Application District (i.e. Urban, Extended Urban (including Tung Chung), New Territories and Islands (excluding Tung Chung)) for transfer to new or refurbished flats of suitable sizes. In addition to the enjoyment of full rent exemption, one-off Domestic Removal Allowance will be offered upon successful transfer.

Eligible households may approach their respective estate office for enquiries.