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Harmonious Families Transfer Exercise

Harmonious Families Transfer Exercise

The Housing Department (HD) launches the Harmonious Families Transfer (HFT) Exercise to boost a family-based support network. It provides opportunities for PRH tenants to apply for transfer to the same estate in which their elderly parents/offspring is currently living in for mutual care (in the absence of suitable resources, a flat of suitable size in the nearest available estate will be allocated). Elderly parents living in PRH can nominate one of their offsprings/spouse of their offspring to apply for this transfer scheme. Young generations can also nominate their parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law to apply for HFT.

The applicant and nominator should both be public housing households living in PRH flats located in different District Council (DC) districts. The applying family must obtain the nomination from their correlative elderly parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law or younger generation (child/child-in-law) before qualifying for this transfer exercise. The elderly parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law must be an all elderly PRH household (i.e. all household members aged 60 or above, single person elderly family is also eligible for nomination or application). If there are joint tenants in an all elderly households, both of them can nominate their own offspring for transfer or apply for transfer nearer to their own offspring separately (in the absence of suitable resources, a flat of suitable size in the nearest available estate will be allocated).

Applicant should be the tenant of a PRH household while the nominator can either be the tenant or an authorized person if the nominating family is an all elderly household. Otherwise, the nominator should be the tenant of a PRH household also. Elderly household applicants should be the parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law of the nominators. Whilst younger household applicants should be the child/child-in-law of the nominators. The applicant and nominator must provide documentary proof on their relationship.

If the applying family has accepted a housing transfer under the HFT exercise, the respective elderly household (irrespective of the role as nominating or applying family) will be debarred from application in future HFT exercises. The debarment will be maintained, notwithstanding there is a circumstantial change in the elderly household or the elderly is subsequently rehoused to another flat through internal/special transfer on special grounds.

For applicant who would like to apply for cross-district transfer to a more popular district, they should have a residence in PRH for at least seven years. If either nominating or applying family have a child below six or an expected child with 16 weeks gestation or more, applicant with a residence in PRH for at least five years can also apply.

Flat allocation will be based on the order of priority in terms of the age of the eldest member in the elderly household and the length of residence of the applicant households. The HFT application period will last for two months. This would allow sufficient time for sitting tenants to consider and submit applications.

In the launch of the exercise, details of application will be posted on notice boards in the estates and HA/HD website for tenants' information. Besides, application notice will also be delivered to households with all elderly members.