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Preview of Specification Library DVD-ROM
Specification Library DVD-ROM

Specification Library 2012 Edition (original version) DVD-ROM

Specification Library 2014 Edition (Oct 2014 original version) DVD-ROM

Specification Library 2014 Edition (July 2017 updated version) DVD-ROM

System Requirements

The basic system requirements of the computer for reading the DVD-ROM are listed below: 
The contents of the DVD-ROM are saved in PDF format. A browsing system together with Adobe Reader 8.0 are bundled in the DVD-ROM to facilitate the browsing and full-content searching of the Specification Library.

  -  Intel Pentium® III or compatible
  -  128MB of RAM (256MB recommended)
  -  Microsoft Windows XP / Adobe Reader 8.0
  -  DVD-ROM drive

Picture: System Requirements

Browsing System & Adobe Reader 8.0 Bundled in DVD-ROM

Content Preview
The Specification Library comprises:
  (a) README file which describes the structure and features of Specification Library including clause numbering system, clause referencing system, the libraries and Worksections arrangement, etc.
  (b) Specification clauses which are composed of clause numbers, clause titles,
text and associated headings.

Picture: Content Preview

Clause Contents in PDF format

The Specification Library is divided into ten libraries, namely:

  - Preliminaries Specification
  - Architectural Works Specification
  - Drainage and External Works Specification
  - Structural Engineering Works Specification
  - Demolition Works Specification
  - Foundation Works Specification
  - Soft Landscape Works Specification
  - Building Services Installation Specification 
      - Electrical Installation
      - Fire Services and Water Pump Installation
      - Lift and Escalator Installation
  - Civil Engineering Works Specification
  - Geotechnical Engineering Works Specification

About 9,600 specification clauses are contained in Specification Library 2014 Edition (updated version) and the clauses are organised according to the Worksections in each library as shown above.

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