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Change in Mortgage Arrangement
Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) / Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) / Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) / Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) Flats

Pursuant to the Housing Ordinance, if premium has not been paid, a flat owner is required to obtain prior approval from the Director of Housing for any change in the mortgage arrangement. The usual reasons for applying for a change in mortgage arrangement are:

  1. Change of ownership;
  2. Change of lender for commercial reasons such as offer of more favourable mortgage terms;
  3. Cessation of staff housing loan benefits due to a change of employment;
  4. Provision of staff housing loan benefits by an employer. This includes the first mortgage, which the flat owner obtains the mortgage from the employer to finance the balance of the purchase price.


  1. If the application is due to reason 1, 2 or 3 mentioned above, the flat owner should submit the duly completed application form together with a crossed cheque, made payable to the "Hong Kong Housing Authority" for the $1,950 administrative fee, to the respective District Tenancy Management Offices.

    Points to note :  
  • The loan amount of the fresh legal charge shall not exceed the principal outstanding under the existing mortgage;
  • HOS / PSPS flats

    - Flats sold under Phase 8A or before: the overall repayment period for the total number of instalments payable under the fresh mortgage together with those already paid under the previous and existing mortgages shall not exceed 180 months.  As these mortgages were made in 1985 or before, they should have normally been discharged;

    - Flats sold under Phase 8B to 18C: the overall maximum repayment period should be 240 months.  Nevertheless, if the lender concerned has signed the supplemental Deed of Guarantee with the Housing Authority (HA), the maximum repayment period can be extended from 240 months to 300 months.  However, the maximum guarantee period provided by the HA to the lender will remain 240 months.  The flat owner must first obtain his / her lender's agreement to extend the overall repayment period before the Housing Department can proceed with the application for extension for the repayment period.  Whether a lender will permit a flat owner's application for the extension for the repayment period is solely its commercial decision and the HA is not in a position to comment;

    - Flats sold under Phase 19A and onwards: the overall repayment period shall not exceed 300 months.
  • TPS / GSH flats

    - The overall repayment period should not exceed 300 months.
  2.  If the application is due to reason 4 mentioned above, which means that the flat owner can obtain a mortgage from his / her employer who operates a staff housing loan scheme, the flat owner can apply in writing for consent to enter into a staff housing loan mortgage by submitting together with copies of relevant information, such as certification and details about the benefit of the staff housing purchase loan offered by his / her employer, to the respective District Tenancy Management Offices.

    Point to note:  
    The loan amount shall not exceed the balance of the purchase price for first mortgage or the principal outstanding under the existing mortgage.

   3. The administrative fee for application for change in mortgage arrangement is currently $1,950 and is subject to review periodically. The administrative fee is not refundable even if the application is unsuccessful or the applicant wishes to withdraw the application for the change in mortgage arrangement.

   4. If the application is approved, the HA will send the "Mortgage Consent Letter" to the applicant by registered mail.

   5. The consent letter is valid for a period of half year and you are advised to arrange for the execution of the fresh mortgage as soon as possible. If the proposed change in mortgage arrangement is not completed within the validity period, you are required to submit a fresh application and pay the relevant fee.  

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