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Changes of Household Particulars
Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) / Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) / Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) Flats

HOS / PSPS / TPS flat owners should declare any changes in the number of family members, whether it is an addition or deletion, to the Housing Department. Request for addition of owner/joint owner's spouse and children due to marriage and birth can be permitted. To declare, an owner should complete and endorse the applicaton form. Joint-owner(s) should also endorse the form if the property is jointly owned. To apply for addition of family member(s), copies of supporting documents (such as marriage certificate, identity card and birth certificate) should be provided to prove the relationship between the owner and the party under review. In processing the application for deletion of crucial or other family member(s), we may require thef applicant to provide supporting documents if necessary. Each application form is for either an addition or deletion of family members. If an applicant needs to apply for both the addition and deletion at the same time, he / she should complete two application forms. Completed application forms together with supporting documents should be submitted to the court / estate's Housing Manager either in person or by mail.

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