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Transfer of Ownership
Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) / Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) / Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) / Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) Flats

Pursuant to the Housing Ordinance, change of ownership is restricted except for disposal in the Secondary Market after two years has elapsed since the first assignment, or in the open market upon payment of premium. However the Housing Authority (HA) may at its discretion and on the merit of each case give consent to a request for change of ownership under special circumstances.

The usual reasons for applying for a consent to change of ownership are:

  • Inclusion of the spouse as joint owner;
  • Transfer to the spouse owing to divorce or separation;
  • Transfer to other family member(s) owing to marriage and moving out of owner to join his / her spouse;
  • Transfer to other family member(s) owing to owner's emigration or long-term working abroad;
  • Owner or spouse or authorized occupant eligible for civil service housing benefits or housing package provided by the employer;
  • Change of ownership reflecting financial contribution towards downpayment / mortgage repayment by an authorized occupant;
  • Transfer of the ownership owing to death of owner;
  • Old age of owner (i.e. 65 years old or above);
  • Owner suffering from terminal disease e.g. cancer;
  • Bankruptcy of owner.

Reasons other than the above listed will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

Pre-requisite for the Application
  • The change of ownership must be by way of a Deed of Assignment at nil monetary consideration (except in bankruptcy cases); and
  • The proposed assignee must be an authorized occupant (except in deceased cases) of the property concerned.

Points to Note
  • If the application form has not been properly completed, the HA may reject the application.
  • Applicant should state the reason(s) for applying for transfer of ownership in the application form and submit it together with copies of relevant supporting documents such as:
    - Photocopies of Marriage Certificate and new address proof for owner who has married and moved out from the property to join his / her spouse;
    - Photocopies of Decree Nisi Absolute (Divorce) and Court Order / Deed of Separation in divorce / separation cases;
    - Photocopies of approval-in-principle for landing or residence in foreign country excluding China / employer's certification and BRC in emigration / long term working abroad cases;
    - Photocopies of approval letter issued by the employer if owner or spouse or authorized occupant is eligible for housing benefits;
    - Photocopies of proof of substantial contribution to the downpayment / mortgage loan repayment schedule and repayment record in financial contribution cases;
    - Photocopies of Letters of Administration (with Affirmation by Administrator) / Probate, Death Certificate and Certificate of Exemption from Estate Duty / Schedule of Assets and Liabilities in deceased cases;
    - Photocopies of proof from medical practitioner in cases supported on medical grounds; and
    - Photocopies of Bankruptcy Order, Summary Procedure Order and the Official Receiver's Office written confirmation specifying the agreed consideration (if any) for the proposed transfer in bankruptcy cases.
  • The personal data collected shall be used for the purpose of processing the application for transfer of ownership and, upon completion of the transfer, to be transferred to the Rating and Valuation Department and be used for issuing demand notes for rates / Government rent.
  • The provision of personal data is voluntary. However, if the applicant does not provide sufficient information, the HA may not be able to process the application.
  • The applicant has a right of access and correction in respect of his / her personal data. Enquiries concerning the making of access and correction of personal data may be addressed to "Departmental Data Protection Officer, Hong Kong Housing Authority Headquarters, 33 Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kowloon".
  • The applicant is required to pay an administrative fee (currently at $2,850) at the time of submitting the application. The administrative fee is not refundable regardless even if the application is not successful or the applicant wishes to withdraw the application.
  • The duly completed application form should be delivered to the relevant District Tenancy Management Offices.
  • In general, the applicant will be informed of the result of the application within six weeks from the date on which all the required documents have been received by the Housing Subsidies Sub-division.

Post-approval Steps
  • The flat owner is required to appoint a solicitor to complete the required procedures for transfer of ownership after consent for the application is granted. Under the prevailing policy of the HA, transfer of ownership must be by way of a Deed of Assignment at nil monetary consideration (except in bankruptcy cases). A draft Deed of Assignment prepared by owner's solicitor is required to be submitted to the Legal Service Sub-division of the HA for approval. An administrative charge will need to be paid (currently at $2,320 and will be reviewed from time to time).
  • If the property concerned is subject to a mortgage, the owner should confirm with his / her bank whether amendment to the existing mortgage is required. If so, the owner is required to submit a duly completed re-mortgage application form (available from the respective District Tenancy Management Office) to the HA for approval of the proposed mortgage arrangements. Administrative fee will be charged on application for such mortgage consent.
    (You can also download the application form for re-mortgage here.)
  • Other than the administrative fee for transfer of ownership, the owner will be responsible for all the expenses in connection with the transfer of ownership such as the fee charged by the HA for approval of the draft Deed of Assignment, charges relating to any amendment to the mortgage arrangement (if required), stamp duty and the execution of assignment etc.
  • The consent letter is valid for a period of one year and the owner is advised to arrange for the execution of the assignment as soon as possible. If the proposed transfer is not completed within the validity period, the owner is required to submit a fresh application and pay the relevant fees.
  • The owner must inform the respective District Tenancy Management Office immediately after the Deed of Assignment is executed.

HOS applicants, who prior to execution of the assignment, need to apply for a change of ownership, can click the following link to download the Application Form for Change of Ownership and return the completed form to:

HOS Sales Unit
Podium Level 1
Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre
3 Wang Tau Hom South Road
Hong Kong

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