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Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership

Pursuant to the Housing Ordinance (Cap. 283) or the requirements under the Deed of Assignment and the Government lease, transfer of ownership of Subsidised Sale Flats SchemesNote (SSFS) flats of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) is restricted except for disposal in the open market upon payment of premium or under the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) Secondary Market Scheme without the payment of premium. However, the HA may at its discretion and on the merit of each case give consent to an application for transfer of ownership under special circumstances.


Note: Including Home Ownership Scheme, Private Sector Participation Scheme, Tenants Purchase Scheme, Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme, Middle Income Housing Scheme, Mortgage Subsidy Scheme and Buy or Rent Option Scheme.

Pre-requisites for the Application

The usual grounds for transfer of ownership

Generally, the grounds for applying for consent to a transfer of ownership are as follows -

Reasons other than the above listed will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

Points to Note when completing application form


*   “Registered family member(s)” refer to those person(s) listed in the household record of the SSFS flat of the HA (who is/are authorised to live in the property concerned), whereas those person(s) not listed in the household record of the SSFS flat of HA (who is/are not authorised to live in the property concerned) are regarded as “non-registered family members”.

Administrative Fee

The administrative fee for application for transfer of ownership is currently $2,940 and is subject to review periodically. The administrative fee paid is not refundable in any event, no matter the application is successful or not, or the applicant wishes to withdraw the application.

Submission of the completed application form

The duly completed application form should be delivered to the respective District Tenancy Management Office.

Time required for processing the application

In general, the applicant will be informed of the result of the application within six weeks from the date on which all the required documents have been received by the Housing Subsidies Sub-division of HD.

Steps need to be followed after the approval of the application


The above information for Transfer of Ownership is prepared solely for the purpose of explaining the procedures of application for transfer of ownership of SSFS flats and should not be construed as a legal document.  The HA/HD reserves the right to revise, or otherwise amend the content of the information without prior notice.


HOS applicants, who prior to execution of the assignment, need to apply for a change of ownership, can click the following link to download the Application Form for Change of Ownership and return the completed form to:

HOS Sales Unit
Podium Level 1
Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre
3 Wang Tau Hom South Road
Hong Kong