Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Commercial Premises / Non-domestic Premises Tenants

Commercial Premises / Non-domestic Premises Tenants
  Performance Pledges Performance Target
(From 1.1.2024 onwards)

Actual Achievements (1.10.2023-31.12.2023)

25. We will vet from Landlord's role and approve tenants' applications for fitting-out works according to the following 3 classes, subject to the availability of requisite information:
Simple case:
No alteration of Building Services installations, structure, waterproofing, drainage, compartmentation, outlook of the building. To be completed within 10 days.
95% 97.35%
Normal case:
Considerable amount of building works, relocation of internal partitions, forming of openings in floor or wall. To be completed within 20 days.
90% 94.95%
Complicated case:
Involved major building works, additional floor or wall, installation of heavy machine or equipment. To be completed within 30 days.

(The above time frames exclude the time required for processing by the Independent Checking Unit under the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Housing for fitting-out works which involve alteration and addition.)
90% 93.04%
26. We will provide commercial premises tenants with new rent and new tenancy terms 3 months before expiry of the existing tenancies if renewal is approved. 95% 98.29%