Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Public Rental Housing Applicants

Public Rental Housing Applicants
  Performance Pledges Performance Target
(From 1.1.2024 onwards)
Actual Achievements (1.10.2023-31.12.2023)
1. We will within 3 months from the confirmed receipt of their applications notify the applicants in writing as to whether they are successful in public rental housing registration. 90% 100%
2. When an application reaches the detailed vetting stage, we will give the applicant 1 week's advance notice of the detailed vetting interview. 99% 100%
3. We will conduct the detailed vetting interview within 30 minutes of the appointed time if the applicants arrive on time. 99% 99.9%
4. Upon submission of full information by the applicants during the detailed vetting interview at detailed vetting stage, we will conduct checking and verification and advise the applicants on whether they are eligible for allocation within 2 months. 99% 99.9%
5. We will conduct a vetting interview with the applicant within 3 weeks upon receipt of referral from the Social Welfare Department recommending "compassionate rehousing". 99% 100%
6. We have set up the e-service on the web and the Housing Authority Hotline 2712 2712 enabling applicants to enquire on the progress of their applications. We will update the status of the relevant application progress data in the system as at the end of the preceding working day. 99% 100%