Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Building Services MASS

Building Services MASS

Building Services (BS) MASS assessment is conducted for the following types of Building Services Term Maintenance Contracts of the Housing Department (HD):

  • Lift
  • Water Supply and Fire Services
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation

The BS MASS assessment is carried out either on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the type of service. The performance of an individual contractor is reflected by the total MASS score gained during a given assessment period. This score is derived from combining the results of various assessment aspects, each assigned with a weighing factor in accordance with its relative importance. The assessment areas and the corresponding measurement criteria for different types of contracts may vary but in general, they comprise the following benchmarking factors:

1. Output Assessment

   The Output Assessment is conducted monthly.  Evidence of compliance and non-compliance will be taken into account when assessing the quality of contractors' output. The Output Assessment covers three types of works:

   (a) Routine Inspection
   (b) Major Works Orders (EMMI)
   (c) Minor Repair Orders (BSMW)

   Generally, each type of work may consist of the following aspects:

   (a) Quality of Material
   (b) Workmanship
   (c) Job Progress
   (d) Site Management
   (e) Customer Services

2. Input Assessment

   The Input Assessment is carried out quarterly to assess the quality and effectiveness of contractors' input as well as the standard of their services delivered, It covers the following aspects: 

   (a) Management Input
        Measure the management ability, resources and document submission of
   (b) Programme and Progress
        Measure any deviation in carrying out routine maintenance from the time
        schedule stipulated by the HD.
   (c) Safety Management
        Measure the performance of site safety conducted by contractor during 
        execution of works
   (d) Environmental Obligation
        Measure the performance of environmental management by contractor
   (e) Stakeholder’s Feedback
        A general assessment on the performance of the contractor's staff, in terms
        of their attitude, co-operativeness, commitment and undertakings, etc.

3. Availability Assessment

   The Availability Assessment is conducted monthly. The following aspects are included in the assessment.

   (a) Breakdown Rate
        Measure the number of breakdown occurring during a specified period
        against the total number of installation /equipment maintained under
        the contract.
   (b) Attendance and Response to Emergency Calls
        Measure the occurrence of the contractor's failure to attend to emergency
        calls within the time specified in the respective contract.
   (c) Breakdown Repair Time
        Measure the time taken by the contractor in carrying out breakdown repair.