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Building Services PASS
Building Services PASS

Building Services PASS (BSPASS) assessments are conducted through site inspections, desktop assessments and record checks against defined standards by the relevant Project Team members and BSPASS Assessment Team. The BSPASS is implemented on three types of building services (BS) installations, namely electrical, fire services and water pump, as well as lift and escalator installations. For these installations, we have the same BSPASS Framework and adopt very similar Scoring Methodology for assessing the performance of individual contractors. BSPASS assessments comprise:

  • Works Assessment
  • General (Input) Assessment
  • Substantial Completion Assessment
  • Maintenance Period Assessment

BSPASS Framework (PDF format)

Project Team

A Project Team is composed of project BS engineer and project BS site staff, who are responsible for the supervision of the project and conducting the BSPASS assessment of their project.

BSPASS Assessment Teams

BSPASS Assessment Teams are dedicated teams composed of BS engineers and BS inspectors to conduct BSPASS assessments.

Works Assessment

Works Assessment measures the standard of works produced by the contractor during the construction stage. Assessments are conducted on site at quarterly intervals by both the Project Team and BSPASS Assessment Team.

General (Input) Assessment

The General (Input) Assessment measures the contractor's standard of and effectiveness in site management, including management, organization, resources, progress, safety and environmental protection. The following assessments are conducted at quarterly intervals by the Project Teams.

- Assessment on Management, Resources and Documentation
  The Assessment on Management, Resources and Documentation measures the contractor's management structure, resources, coordination, control and documentation.
- Assessment on Programme and Progress
  The programme assessment is conducted mainly by referring to the adequacy (i.e. the comprehensiveness and updateness) of the contractor's programme. The progress performance is assessed by using two basic complementary "tools" (i.e. against the programme and against the milestone dates) to evaluate the actual progress achievement in the period under assessment in a more complete and wider perspective.
- Assessment on Safety and Environmental Protection
  The Assessment on Safety and Environmental Protection measures the contractor's site management on the safety and environmental protection aspects.

Substantial Completion Assessment

The Substantial Completion Assessment measures the standard of final works produced by the contractor at the substantial completion stage. Assessment is conducted by BSPASS Assessment Team.

Maintenance Period Assessment

The Maintenance Period Assessment measures the contractor's performance during the maintenance period, including the contractor's management input, the progress of completing outstanding works and rectification of defects, response to emergency repair and routine maintenance, etc. Assessments are conducted at quarterly intervals by the Project Teams.

Further Information

For further information on Building Services PASS, please contact the Procurement Unit 4 of the Housing Department:

Dennis Kwan, Senior Manager / Procurement 4
Telephone:  (852) 2129 3404
Fax:           (852) 2624 7676
E-mail:        dennis.kwan@housingauthority.gov.hk
Address:      12/F Block 3
Housing Authority Headquarters
80 Fat Kwong Street
Ho Man Tin
Hong Kong

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