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Building Works MASS
Output Assessment:

Building Works (BW) MASS assessments are carried out for all major building works contracts (except civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, demolition contracts and piling contracts) tendered out by the Estate Management Division of the Housing Department. BW MASS comprises two assessments:

The Output Assessment is conducted monthly by professionals and senior technical staff based on site inspection records selected by random sampling. Evidence of compliance and non-compliance will be taken into account when assessing the quality of contractors' output. It covers five aspects:

  1. Standard & Quality of Material
    - Characteristics and quality to be approved and / or
as specified
  2. Quality of Workmanship & Finishes
    (a) Preparatory and / or temporary work to be approved
and / or as specified;
    (b) Material fixing, placing, mixing, laying and connection;
    (c) Alignment, plumb, level, fall and square, bonding,
bedding, grouting, dressing, pattern, jointing,
welding, priming and coating; and
    (d) Surface finish, soundness, thickness, evenness,
coverage, crack, leakage, protection and cleaning.
  3. Job Progress  
    - Milestone dates
  4. Site Management  
    (a) Temporary protection and access, operation of
lifting appliance, and provision of warnings / notices;
    (b) Safety equipment and appliance for personal
    (c) Environmental protection, including storage and
dumping; and
    (d) Protective and hygiene measures, site cleanliness
and reinstatement to works.
  5. Customer Services
    (a) Pre-work arrangement including making
appointment with tenants, punctuality of works
appointment, briefing to tenants, response to
tenants' queries;
    (b) Emergency handling;
    (c) Attitude and behaviours; and
    (d) Protection to tenants' fixtures, furniture and
post-work follow-up.

Input Assessment:

The Input Assessment, carried out quarterly to assess the quality and effectiveness of contractors' input as well as the standard of their services delivered, covers the following aspects:

  1. Management Input
    (a) Organisation structure & management of works
      - core management and supervisory staff
      - sub-contractors
      - corporate support
    (b) Resources
      - labour, plant and material
    (c) Co-ordination and control
      - communication and response
      - co-ordination and control of works
      - wage payment protection measures
    (d) Documentation
      - material, record and document submission
  2. Management of Pledges and Programmes
      - Achievement / rejection rates
  3. Safety Management
    (a) Safe system of work
    (b) Compliance of safety regulations
    (c) Accident rate or near-miss incident
  4. Environmental and Other Obligations
    (a) Construction waste management
    (b) Other obligations
  5. Stakeholders' Feedback
    (a) Services to tenants
    (b) Public relation
    (c) Management of complaints and / or claims
    (d) Major stakeholders' commendations / warnings

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